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We strive to become the dental office that we ourselves would like to go to.  The most important thing when choosing a dental office is to be treated by a highly skilled and caring dentist who passionately pursues excellence in dentistry.  Dr. William Kim strives to incorporate world class techniques that he learns from world class dental educators.  





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Ceramic Inlays & Onlays
Pursuit of Excellence through Training in World Class Techniques

It's all about the training.  Dr. William Kim is on a mission to learn from the best dental educators and then incorporate those techniques and technology into his daily practice.  

Over the past couple decades, Dr. Kim's dental philosophy and approach have evolved and matured.  Today, Dr. Kim's dental philosophy is characterized by the following:

1) Focus on Restorative Dentistry.  The best dentistry happens when each team member is dedicated to excellence and strives to provide the highest level of service in the role that they are best suited.  As a restorative dentist, Dr. Kim intentionally focuses his training and clinical services to his core competency which is restorative dentistry.  Restorative dentistry includes procedures like fillings, crowns, inlays and onlays, custom dental implant abutments and crowns, dental bridges (aka fixed partial dentures) and ceramic veneers (cosmetic dentistry and smile makeovers).  


2) Multi-disciplinary approach.  The best dentistry can be achieved when the dentist thoughtfully and expertly coordinates treatment with excellent dental specialists.  In most instances, the caliber of specialized work performed by dental specialists is superior to the same work performed by general dentists.  That's why Dr. Kim refers out most molar root canal treatments (and other difficult root canal treatments), refers out periodontal surgeries and refers out full mouth reconstruction cases.  

3) Emphasis on Preventive Dentistry.  The best dentistry is to prevent the problem before it happens.  Dr. Kim invests a great deal of time and energy raising clients' awareness about how to prevent dental problems and how to achieve long term stability in dental health.  The second best kind of dentistry is early detection, which is to treat a problem when it is a small problem and before it becomes a large problem.  Dr. Kim tries to treat dental and periodontal diseases in the early stages in order to "nip the problem in the bud".  

4) Conservative Approach.  The best dentistry is to treat others in the same way that we ourselves would want to be treated.  Whenever there is an ambiguous dental lesion, Dr. Kim prefers to take the  "watch/monitor/observe" course of action.  Dr. Kim considers it a priority to refrain from recommending overly-aggressive and invasive dental therapies.   

Caring, Gentle & Personalized
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40005 10th St. West, Suite 101, Palmdale, California  93551

Look for the corner suite of the two story building on the exact northwest corner of

10th St. West and Avenue O-8. 

Tel: 661-878-7406
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